2 Important Elements Of A Successful Website

2 Important Elements Of A Successful Website

As your local Staten Island Web Design experts, we have two quick tips on what to focus on while building a website for your business. Visually appealing sites are part of what sells your brand and can make or break the message you are trying to send to your clients and potential clients alike. Two aspects we are going to focus on today are Space and Navigation. As the most reputed Web Development New York Company we want you to know how strengthen these two aspects within your business’ web design.


Space is a very critical design tool, not just on the web. Having enough space makes everything in your website flow smoothly and which can increase your conversions just as smoothly. Your Staten Island Web Design expert should be able to make use of this space to enhance the readability of the site and do a lot more that would improve sales and increase your bottom line. Design consistency and uniform appearance also helps increase your user experience to the next level level. Intelligent use of space (both blank and filled) becomes important when trying to create a focal point on your website for your audience. You don’t want crammed designs and tightly sealed images that completely take away attention from the written content. Of course imagery plays a very important role in the overall appeal and attractiveness of the website but you also want the content to be highlighted and for that your New York Web Development firm will have to make tactful choices. To make this possible they will position the key elements in such a way that navigation becomes easy and fluid. Separating the clickable buttons from static and other elements with uniform lines and spacing would help too.


The second design tip we have is your navigation. Navigation of your website should never be complicated. Your user and target audience should find it easy to use the site. The information that both you want to highlight and users want to see should be simple to click on and simple to access. It thus becomes very important to keep your menus and their content as short (while informative) and as simple as possible. Who knew a line written in 1602, “brevity is the soul of wit” would apply to web design!

Typically your navigation should include:

  • Scrolling options whether horizontally or vertically
  • Menu access on the top of the website
  • Slide menus that can be controlled from the bottom of the page
  • Separate pages, e.g. About Us, FAQs, Locations, Services and Contact/Sign up Forms
  • Easy to access clickable menus under the headings, if necessary
  • A Home link or button that is both clear and visible and it is better to have it on every page throughout the website

Overall you want to make your website easy to use and that is precisely one of the many goals of your Staten Island Web Design team