Guidelines in Improving Your Web Design

Guidelines in Improving Your Web Design

The design of your website is imperative to create your unique image as a company and encourage readers to spend more time on your page. Website designs that are confusing, convoluted, or contain unattractive color schemes, are more likely to deter potential clientele. Implement these easy tactics to ensure your website looks professional, aesthetically appealing, and is easy to maneuver by readers.

Guidelines in Improving Your Web Design


1. Easy to Understand Layout

The overall layout of your website is perhaps the most critical aspect of the design. You need your page to be easily understood and navigated by every user who visits. Consider offering a translation option to enable your site to be more accessible to foreign users. Simplify your site into as few pages as possible, and order those pages in terms of relevance. For pages with extensive content, consider creating a Table of Contents at the top of the page and hyperlinking to each section, so that readers can navigate more efficiently.

2. Maintain Aesthetic Qualities

Refrain from using loud colors, such as red, orange, or yellow, as these can be irritating to the eyes. Instead, choose a softer and mellower background, such as blue or grey. Consider using background patterns on your site to create a more unique look. When utilizing background patterns, ensure that the text can be seen clearly over top to ensure for maximum readability.

3. Readability

Ensure that your site caters to a wide range of audiences by setting the font size to a large and easy-to-read setting. A font of 16 pixels is widely thought to be the perfect setting, as it can be easily read by those with poor vision. Break up the text on your site into content that is easy to scan. Readers on the web are notorious for scanning content, rather than reading it, and it’s essential to cater to this trend. This can be done through the use of short paragraphs, bullet points, lists, and subheadings.

By integrating these tactics into your website’s design, you can craft a beautiful website that is both professional and enticing to readers. The key to increasing readership and boosting your clientele is through designing a website that promotes usability and encourages visitors to stay on the page. With an attractive design, informative content, and easy navigation, you can cater to more users and greatly enhance the potential of your site.

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