Top 3 Marketing and Promotion Tactics

Top 3 Marketing and Promotion Tactics

Finding a great web development team to partner with is hard — you may to partner with a great Staten Island website development team to improve your presence online. Your customers, and more importantly, your potential customers, are looking for the best and you need to make sure they find you before they find the competition. The internet brought on two major shifts in commerce — globalization and a leveling of the playing field. This gives customers more and options — the sooner you realize this, the better.

Realizing this is the first step – the larger and more important one is understanding that positioning and marketing your brand to take advantage of these shifts. This is not easy. Unfortunately – there is also no one size fits all approach in marketing online. You can focus heavily on advertising – but you will quickly realize that your keyword may be oversaturated or even if you have a good keyword that you can pounce on you need to manage your keyword strategy and quality score (you may be asking — my what?!), understand competition for your keywords and your industry in general and plan out the most efficient use of your money accordingly.

The days are long past where running an advertisement in your local paper, church bulletin or yellow pages would bring in customers, your potential clientele are using more and more sophisticated tools and you need to adapt or be left behind as your market share gets eroded by your competition. As your favorite Staten Island web development agency, we would suggest you to have the following in place at a minimum if you are looking to begin or expand your digital marketing and increase your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Old tried and true. Depending on who you ask, the advent of SEO can be dated back over 20 years. (Now I feel old (!)). Never  underestimate the role of SEO in your internet marketing strategy. A properly executed organic strategy can pay dividends in generating future business. As the leading Staten Island website development company,  I tell my clients all the time – every dollar you put into your SEO strategy can help your company years in the future — the exact opposite can be said about paid advertising. While paid advertising is great – nothing has the lasting power of SEO. Putting efforts into targeting the right keywords and optimizing landing pages can make all the difference with creating a potential revenue stream to attract more clients 24/7.

We are such nerds that we love talking landing pages, keywords, meta tags, headlines, page titles, and of course their URLs and content… not to mention interlinking your website pages to one other via relevant keywords and phrases — we are a blast at parties :-). We’d love to talk to you about your current SEO strategy and see what has worked for you in the past and how we can partner up and set up lead pipelines via SEO campaigns.

Email Marketing

Curating a robust mailing list and sending online newsletters is an extremely effective approach to keeping in contact with your potential and present clients. As the leading Staten Island website development company this is one online marketing tool that allows you stay on their radar. If done right — taking the time to sending out a good quality newsletter you can effectively help you attract more clients and create memorable brand experiences. Talk to us today and see what exactly we mean by if done right — this is certainly one of those things that can trip you up and tarnish your brand online if not executed properly.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

You may be thinking — CRO — really… another acronym ??  Well, as always You can ask your favorite website development Staten Island, NYC what CRO is, but we’ll break it down for you here sa well.

CRO is the art (or science) of turning visitors of your website into paying customers. It may not be a 1:1 relationship — it may be part of a funnel and you may have many funnels. That is, depending on your business vertical, you can have a funnel to get people to signed up for your newsletter and plant the seed of your brand which can help turn them into paying customers in the future. You may have another funnel used to attracting clients to your site and get them to buy your product on their first visit. It all comes down to what problem you are solving or making easier for them.

If you want to improve your bottom line — it is ever more important to optimize your landing pages and marketing efforts to convert more customers. CRO is also the fastest and the least demanding technique to expand your leads and up your game. When you are ready to partner with a CRO team and boost your bottom line don’t hesitate to reach out to your favorite Staten Island website development team, StatenWeb :-).