Five Marketing Tips for Businesses That Have Just Had a New Website Designed

Five Marketing Tips for Businesses That Have Just Had a New Website Designed

Have you just had a website designed but do not know how to market it? If so, no need to fret because the professionals here at Staten Island Web Design have marketing tips that will help you enhance your launch. Many business owners are seeing the importance of taking their brick-and-mortar business digital and the Staten Island Web Development team wants to make sure that you are successful.

Offer Customers an Incentive

Once you have launched your website offer new customers an incentive such as free shipping or a percentage off of their order. This will help engage visitors and convert them into customers. Free shipping is something that we highly recommend because it will help you stay ahead of competitors who refuse to ship to customers for free. Once the launch period is over you could put a price tag on the free shipping such as free shipping for orders over $50.

During the launch period get as creative as you want with the incentive offer just make sure it is something that customers cannot resist.

Engage With New Customers

Many new businesses in the digital world forget about engaging with customers after the first order has been placed. You can engage with them through their receipts by showing them similar items to what they purchased at the bottom of the receipt. Alternatively, you can remind them to return during checkout by having a subscription button available.

Always remember that your interaction with the customer does not stop just because they have placed their first order.

Utilize Social Media

Social media networks such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are going to be your way to having a successful launch of your online business. You want to make sure to properly implement paid social campaigns, be active on your social media channels, and respond promptly when customers contact you on social media. If social media is not your thing, you can invest in some tools and hire on a freelancer to manage all of your social media accounts for you.

Create Content

Content is still king, so you need to have a blog that you update a couple of times a week to obtain readers. Customers like to know what is going on in the company and read about different tips that are relevant to your niche. When creating content you have to make sure that it provides value to your readers.

Having a blog that is updated frequently is another way to boost your subscribers list, engage with your audience and obtain new customers. Always be sure to remember to share your content across social media networks immediately after publishing it and occasionally throughout the year.

Advertise With Influencers in Your Niche

Influencer advertising is becoming increasingly popular these days. You could have someone do a review of one of your best products, have a journalist write and release a press release of your company, or contact a blogger to do a launch giveaway.

Influencers are people who many people come to when they need something that the influencer is known to cover or is an expert in. They have loyal audiences and you will receive a high ROI because their audience is already searching for what you are offering.

Closing Thoughts

If you follow the five tips that we have shared with you today, you will find your newly digital business taking off. Staten Island Web Design is here to assist you with any of the design needs that you may stumble upon for your website too. Feel free to reach out to us to see how we can improve your website’s design to retain even more customers.