Guide to standing out and acquiring an audience on Instagram

Guide to standing out and acquiring an audience on Instagram

With more than 500 million users (September 2016) Instagram is a gold mine for savvy digital marketers scrambling to attract potential leads online. However, with the myriads of businesses operating on Instagram, the task of using Instagram for businesses has become more challenging than ever.  The secret ingredient to achieving this goal is to foresee and plan better, continue reading this post to learn how you can use Instagram for business to stand out and grow your audience base.

Crafting an astounding Instagram profile

Today’s web offers so many distractions such that the attention span of your audiences is getting pruned with time. This is why it is highly recommended for you to have an eye-catching bio for Instagram profile for your business. You have only a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, write a killer Instagram profile by including the following:

  • Make your bio represent your brand
  • Make it evident how valuable you can be to your clients or what products or services you offer and why they should purchase it
  • Always make your bio appealing to your target audience

Set goals and work around it

Instagram is a social media platform with a very wide audience base. It is always better to adopt a goal-centric approach rather than trying to achieve myriads of things at the same time. People commonly use Instagram for business to showcase their product, to build brand awareness, to cater customer support by creating a community, to shout out offers and engage with potential customers etc.

Post consistently

Consistency is the key to bolster audience engagement rate on any social media platform. Instagram does not offer the option to schedule posts yet; therefore, you can take up the task of posting on a daily basis. Being consistent on Instagram can help you create a rapport with your audience and they can always know when to expect what from you. For instance, if you run a restaurant and offer exclusive happy hour offers on Fridays and publish the special meal of every Friday via your Instagram post, people are bound to visit your Instagram business profile to learn more about the offer even if they miss it in their feed list.

Review post analytics

Reviewing your Instagram post analytics is the key to understanding what clicks and what does not. Earmark some time to review the statistics of all your Instagram posts to understand the type of posts that are procuring more responses in the form of likes, shares and comments. This strategy can also help you to plan different marketing strategies like contests, giveaways & etc.

Engage with customers

In the present scenario, businesses are scrambling to find unique ways to serving or taking care of their customers. Even turning your business profile on Instagram into customer support is a great idea. Try to engage with your customers and ensure that you post a reply for all the comments posted pertinent to your posts. Whenever your audience feels valued, they are bound to get converted into potential leads.

Make sure that you plan and follow an immaculate Instagram marketing strategy to attract a larger audience base and to standout among your competitors. Leverage the power of hashtags, resort to consistent fonts, run contests and giveaways on a regular basis to turn more heads in your favor.