How to plan a social media checklist

How to plan a social media checklist

Social Media is a one stop solution to reap the efforts of your content marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, all the digital savvy businesses tailor their content marketing campaigns with respect to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Giving people intriguing content to consume on social media is different from planning a perfect social media management strategy. A social media checklist is absolutely necessary when it comes to bolstering engagement and procuring high conversation rates.  The tips given below will help you to tailor the perfect social media checklist.   

Be consistent and timely:

Consistency is the key to winning the trust of the customers who are proactively trying to reach out to your brand. Being consistent with your social media marketing campaign can help you win brand advocates in addition to procuring a huge fan base. Timing is another social media management tool that you shouldn’t miss out on. Compiled below is a social media timing and post frequency table.


Social Media SitesIdeal TimingSocial Media SitesFrequency/Day



1-3 PM




More than 3 times


1-4 PM

FacebookMore than 2 times

5-6 PM


LinkedIn1 to 2 times
Instagram5-6 PM


Instagram2 times
Tumblr7-10 PM


Tumblr3 times
Pinterest8-11 PM


PinterestMore than 5 times
Google+9-11 AM


Google+More than 2 times

Engage with customers:
Today, for brands, social media is turning out to be a quick means to address customer concerns or questions. If you can reply to your customers or fans on social media on a consistent and timely basis, by maintaining a human touch, you can edge out most of your competitors. Tweak your social media settings to get notifications in a timely manner so you are better able to engage with a fan or customer when they interact with you, on the respective social platforms.

Monitor mentions and keywords:
Being up-to-date on social media is one of the key tricks to staying on top. Focus on brand mentions and research keywords or key phrases that are being regularly mentioned on social media sites. For instance, on Twitter, you can focus on trending hashtags and if you find something related to your niche, you can consider creating an elaborate piece of content around it. Similarly, keep an eye out for mentions to interact further with your followers or other brands on social media.

Shadow your competitors:
List your top competitors based on their social media activity, shadow their strategy to learn more about their content marketing efforts, social media management strategies and try to better them. Try to learn more about the type of offers and/or products they are providing to their customers, the geography and the demographic they are targeting etc.

Think in your customer’s shoes:
Ensure that you make your social media posts customer friendly. Different social media sites follow different posting guidelines in terms of image sizes, character count etc. Heed to these guidelines and tailor your posts accordingly, ensure that the social media snippets are adjacent with the content or media on the landing pages. Make your post on website easy to share on social media.

The key to running a successful social media campaign is to craft a peerless social media checklist and follow it closely. Don’t be hesitant to experiment with your strategies and try to think outside the box to earn the limelight.