Proven methods to build a potential email list for your business: Part 1

Proven methods to build a potential email list for your business: Part 1

Email marketing is an old, but effective strategy utilized by both big and small scale companies. Successful companies categorize their email marketing strategy with respect to different core requirements. An email marketing strategy, based on the requirements, is generally categorized into the following.

  • To create product or service awareness
  • To promote seasonal or special offers
  • To keep the customers in the loop via informative blog posts, ebooks, newsletters etc

The successfulness of the email marketing campaign depends on the following factors:

  • The email content
  • The email design and responsiveness
  • The time and frequency of sending emails
  • The target customers

Among these, “target customers” is the most critical factor that is directly proportional to the conversion rates. Identifying the target customers and creating a potential email list can easily save you time and effort when it comes to bolstering leads and conversions. Let us figure out some of the smart means to grow a potential email list.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the essence of any optimized website. A quality landing page can do wonders for your business. Companies which roll out and perform tests with landing pages on a regular basis acquire double the leads when compared to the companies with less than 10 landing pages.  One can undoubtedly say that landing pages are the essence of building a potential email list. You can utilize landing pages to make the potential customer to leave their email id to perform an action, which can be either a purchase or a sign-up.

By payment checkout process

If your business deals with marketing of any kind of product, especially when you own an e-commerce website, integrating a field to procure the email address within the checkout process is a simple but really effective means to build your email list. If you don’t want to tag the field as mandatory, you can at least make it look mandatory by informing the client via a popup or a note that the shipping details or e-bill will be sent to the email address.

Hosting contests

Hosting exciting contests is a smart means to get your hands on tons of email addresses in short notice. For instance, you can give away your company-branded T-shirts for free to the first ten signups. Another brilliant contest idea, if you own a coffee shop is to encourage your visitors to send a picture of them having a great time in your place via email. Giving away gifts or discounts in exchange of email addresses is also an ideal strategy to keep the people engaged.

Performing a research

Earmarking some time and effort to dig up the email address manually can also be effective when it comes to building a more potential email list. For instance, if your business revolves around the marketing of web and mobile application development, you can skim through a more professional social platform like LinkedIn to find respective professionals, to find their email addresses and to foster a professional relationship or even to encourage a partnership based work strategy.

An email marketing strategy is something that can really test your patience; this is why it is highly recommended to ensure that the email list at hand is really relevant. Ensure that you are consistent with your email marketing strategy and see that you experiment with different email templates, capable of capturing human emotions.