Top 5 innovative ways to procure more social shares

Top 5 innovative ways to procure more social shares

Making content viral on social media is something that most of the content marketers struggle with.As a matter of fact, the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns can also be measured based on the total number of shares and likes that the respective posts acquire.  As a content marketer with the goal to create viral content, you need to rely on a number of strategies to achieve this goal.

Craft a powerful headline

Headlines impart the first impression of what you have on stock, it is true that headlines can make or break a post. Audiences identify and decide whether to continue reading a blog post after skimming through the headlines. Testing or experimenting with multiple headlines is a proven strategy for effectively increasing the reach of your social media content. Consider the following factors, when crafting headlines for your content:

  • Make your headlines crisp and intriguing (6-8 words)
  • Include numbers in headlines whenever applicable
  • Use power words like innovative, competitive, ultimate etc.
  • Try to address audience concerns whenever applicable

Address customer concerns

Starting a piece of content by addressing customer concerns is an effective means to grab the audience’s attention. I started this blog post by addressing a common concern faced by most of the content marketers. Addressing common concerns at the very beginning of your post can compel audience to continue reading the post in search for solutions and if you do not disappoint them, you can easily reap some shares.

Create emotions

Trying to create emotions via your content is another viable means to turn some heads on social media. Positive emotions like joy or optimism works the most, however, under some circumstances, negative emotions can also be used to create a social wave as powerful as positive emotions.  The emotions that you need to really focus on while crafting content are:

  • Curiosity
  • Interest
  • Amazement
  • Astonishment

Create Lists

Lists are the content type that most of the audiences fall for, provided, the piece of pertinent content under consideration is really handy. Lists are supposed to cater vital information to audience with opportunities to compare, experiment and understand.  Use a combination of numbers and the below given words while crafting headlines for list type content:

  • Strategies
  • Tools
  • Types
  • Events

Tag your content

It is likely that you already include share buttons on your blog posts, however, you can improve and increase the reach of content while audiences use these share buttons. How? This can be achieved by pre integrating hashtags with the pop-ups that are prompted post-clicking on the share buttons. See below; how HubSpot integrates their own Twitter handle together with a third party Twitter handle with a Tweet button on one of their blog posts.

HubSpot literally increased the probability of the reach of this post by addressing another Twitter handle.

Wrapping it up

Irrespective of how you plan your content marketing campaign, it is inevitable that you craft content that is godsend for your customers. Ensure that you cater out extremely useful content that is integrated with useful links, key takeaways like free downloads, eBook, infographics etc.