Top 5 insanely actionable means to double your audience engagement

Top 5 insanely actionable means to double your audience engagement

Planning a content marketing campaign without audience engagement at heart is like to trying to build a house without blueprints. In this digital age, audience engagement is the cornerstone to each and everything. The rate at which businesses bloom is directly proportional to how effectively they engage with pertinent audience or treat them. In this era of multi-screen usage, there are myriads of factors that you need to consider, when it comes to bolstering audience engagement.

Write crisp and place the content logically

Cluttered long or complex articles are always a mood-killer. Even if the situation demands you to write a long post, ensure that the content is logically placed. Literally transformed, keep the sentences crisp and concise, do not be hesitant to use white spaces and integrate pop-ups or notification boxes in such a manner that they do not distract the readers at the wrong time. Experiments have proven that using white spaces gives you the following advantages:

  • Increases readability
  • Keeps the audience engaged
  • Highlights important content

Break up your post with intriguing headlines

The attention span of audience seems to be deceasing with time, more often; the audience skims through the content headlines prior to making a decision of whether to dig deep into the post. This is where intriguing headlines can come in handy in keeping your audience in the loop.

As per the reports, an individual who lands on a web page decides whether to spend more time on the content in the first 20 seconds. This is where you need to leverage the power of intriguing headlines.

Tailor for audience not for yourself

Dominating the content with promotional pitch is a mistake that most of the savvy digital marketers fall for. According to the behemoth digital marketing agency, Hubspot, it is always wise to follow an 80% to 20% rule, where 80% of the content is tailored to serve your audience and 20% speaks about the respective brand.

When tailoring content for potential audience, consider the following pointers:

  • Map potential customer journey
  • Identify the possible barriers or concerns they might face during this journey
  • Try to offer solutions to these concerns

It is also ideal to read the content from audience’s perspective.

Include Media wherever applicable

Adding images or videos to your content is a great means to grab some eyeballs in a jiffy. More often, images and videos can impart knowledge more effectively than content. Additionally, people are more bound to share a post with images and videos rather than a post that lacks any media.

Promote Cross platform and stay active

Pump out your content through multiple social media channels and ensure that you stay active throughout these channels for better audience engagement rates. Timing of the posting on social media is really important when it comes to engaging with potential audience and procuring higher conversion rates. Engage with your customers, reply to their comments or queries on social media as early as possible and offer valuable insights.

We would love to hear about some of the exceptional audience engagement thoughts you have, feel free to use the comment section to drop in your valuable suggestions.