Top 5 proven methods to grow your email list

Top 5 proven methods to grow your email list

Success in marketing is all about attracting your targeted audience. This has become a daunting task – social media has become an almost unnavigable sea of noise. This is where a strategy like email marketing that lets you poke the right individual at the right time without having to worry about any other distractions can be mightily useful. A potential email subscribers list is one of the crucial factors that determine the success of your email marketing campaign. Compiled here are some proven methods to grow your email list.

Contest Marketing

Contest marketing is one of the top proven methods to grow email subscribers and is characterized by giveaways. Most of the savvy digital marketers use contest marketing to successfully populate their email list. The idea of giving away your business product or a service to thousands of subscribers can be overwhelming; however, the benefits associated with the strategy are many. Contest marketing offers the following boons to your business.

  • Helps to build loyal customers
  • Earn exposure or social media
  • A guaranteed strategy to grow email subscriber list
  • Increased opportunity to go viral

An ideal strategy to go about contest marketing is to offer a product or gift via website signup. Design a peerless landing page that gives a clear picture about the offer with an optimized contact form. You can also circumvent the requirement of giving away products to myriads of subscribers by setting up offer limitations in terms of the first “X” signups.

Offering Ebooks and free resources

Ebooks and resources can be compelling pieces of information, provided they are based on intriguing and latest topics. You can go on social media with your ebook offers to download which the people have to visit your website and leave their name and email.


Rolling out informative and updated piece of content has multitudes of advantages. To start with, a constantly updated website is crawled frequently by search engine crawlers, which in turn adds to it online presence. Secondly, the strategy of promoting informative blogs on social media or any platform akin to it can be used to lure visitors back to the website, you can even prompt these websites visitors to join the subscription with a simple popup that demands only an email address, provided the landing page looks attractive.

Your brand’s YouTube channel

Integrating call-to-actions in the videos of your company YouTube channel is an ideal ploy to compel audiences to subscribe to your channel or upcoming videos. Tutorials are one of the prominent video categories that are considered ideal for fostering subscription rates.

Focus on user experience

Optimizing your website solely for user experience can make a big difference when it comes to populating a potential email list. Consider the following factors while optimizing your website for users.

  • Optimize the loading speed
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness
  • Offer a single click signup with Gmail account
  • Create optimized landing pages with a simple contact form which does not demand unnecessary details
  • Integrate popup contact or subscription forms

Wrapping up

Populating a potential email subscriber list is not something that can be done overnight. Planning your email list building campaigns around social media platforms is always an ideal ploy to get it done effectively and without spending much money. Be consistent with your strategy, foresee possibilities and do not hesitate to experiment.