Top 5 Tips to Promote your Content

Top 5 Tips to Promote your Content

In this digital age, no business can survive without a content marketing campaign. Today, different types of content are being pumped out via social and other web channels and this adds to the burden of the savvy digital marketers who strive to promote their content. There are several strategies that you can try out to promote your content, especially on social media. I have been experimenting with several content promotion strategies and with this post, I would like to list the five content promotion strategies that I found really effective.

Mention the influencers

Influencer marketing is biggest fad in the present day content marketing campaigns. If you can get some of the top influencers in your niche involved with your content and try to engage with them on any social media platform, you have got a good start. Follow the influencers in your niche and shadow their strategies, do not hesitate to mention some of their strategies or work in your content, whenever necessary. Mention your expert resources while sharing the content on social media and you have a greater chance of engaging with the influencer and to procure higher reach.

Direct messaging or emailing the influencers or expert resources

The influencers can easily miss out your mentions with the kind of social media noise that they are expected to experience on a daily basis. This is where mailing or direct messaging your influencers turns out to be a godsend strategy. You can always direct message or email influencers or anyone mentioned in your content to ensure attention. Create a template for sending direct messages to these contacts and ensure to make it sound human. It is ideal to create two or more templates for emails and direct messages.

Include graphics with your post

Graphics types like GIFs, infographics, videos and images are real attention-seekers. You might need to earmark more time for including graphics in your content, however, it is always worth the effort. There have several sources on the web that can come in handy when it comes to creating quick and easily shareable graphics. Turn to these sources for creating graphics quickly:

Utilize content communities

Content communities are an awesome means to get some quality visits to your blog post or article. Just ensure that you mingle with the right individuals, follow the right topics, niche and individuals in such communities. Just do not sign up with content communities with the sole intention of promoting your content, communicate your insights about other posts or ideas, try to engage and build a rapport with other community members. Try out some of the content communities mentioned here:

Reschedule your posts

Rescheduling or reposting your posts on social media is not a bad idea at all. However, ensure that you do not do it on a consistent basis; repost the same post on social media at least a couple of days apart and at different times to ensure that you reach the potential eyes around the globe. Listed below are some ideal tools to schedule posts on social media:

You cannot become a successful content marketing campaigner overnight, it takes a lot of effort and time to be at the top. Do not hesitate to experiment and if you fail (which you will, at least once) with any of these strategies, try to take away something from your failure and address the issues.