Build Your Online Presence — Staten Island Web Design

Build Your Online Presence — Staten Island Web Design

Today, creating an online presence is a vital component for any business strategy. It’s arguably more important than having a physical presence. According to many reputed Staten Island Web Design companies even if you don’t really have a physical shop where your customers can visit, having an online presence in the form of a website and a mobile application can set you in a position to be a marketing leader.

This is because more than 3.2 billion people in the world are currently connected to the internet and in the United State, more than 8 in 10 of them are buying things online. That means whether it is enhancing their wardrobe or adding to their watch collection, more than 80% spending money online and that number is poised to go even higher. Your online presence and visibility will depend on the things your customer base is looking for. But before you go for a full fledged web design, know what your Staten Island Web Design company has to say.

Don’t Fall For The SEO Marketing Gimmick (Up Front)

Don’t get us wrong, SEO is (very) important but your Staten Island Web Design and Agency will typically recommend that you focus on building out your online presence first. It may however be one of the many services that they perform, but it should never be the single criterion to choose a digital agency or web developer.

This is because if you choose a design company as opposed to a full service digital agency like StatenWeb, they should not be responsible for formulating your SEO strategies or setting up your social media campaigns or implementing AdWords in your promotional campaigns for you. A dedicated designer or developer should focus on designing and developing their product.

If you do go with StatenWeb, we can discuss planning phases for optimizing your site’s SEO. At their agency, StatenWeb has dedicated SEO team that will work alongside the development and design teams to help plan for and once complete marry an optimized SEO campaign with a gorgeous website.

Pick the Right Technology

Flash is so 2005. If I had a nickel for every client that comes to us looking to update their Flash website I’d be wealthy! Though I will say the number of people with Flash sites have dropped considerably since Google phased out support for the technology in 2016.

StatenWeb adopted WordPress in its early days and have be building professional sites on the CMS since 2006. WordPress gives us the flexibility to build out gorgeous websites that look good on load quickly on mobile devices, tablets and desktops in short timeframes while giving end users tons of control over their content. They develop according to WordPress’ security standards along with contribute and participate in the open source community.

To get started, contact the experts of Staten Island Web Design, NYC at StatenWeb today.