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3 Principles of Effective WordPress Web Design

3 Principles of Effective WordPress Web Design

Effective web design does not necessarily have to be attributed to large design firms. Smaller firms can have designers just as skilled that have the knowledge of what web design principles are needed for a site to succeed. To implement a good web page, you should follow these:

3 Effective Web Design Principles

1. Usability

The website you are designing should be easy to use for the viewer. If it is not, you will see an increase in bounce rate. Bounce rate, a number that can be found in Google Analytics, is the percentage of visitors that click out of a website after only seeing one page. The goal of a designer is to design the site to keep this number low. An important web design principle is that the users scan the material, so that the text should be short and concise. The website should be responsive; meaning the visitors should be able to see the full site on their mobile devices, tablets, and computers with no issue of resizing the screen.

2. Font

A second web design principle is to choose the best font for the website. Sans Serif fonts, 16 pixels, are the best to use for easy reading. Arial and Calibri are examples of Sans Serif fonts. Using only three different type faces and sizes will keep the website looking clean and uncluttered. Short messaging with the correct font is key to getting people to respond.

3. Visual

You may have learned in grade school that negative or blank space in a yearbook is not what you want to aim for. For websites, the opposite is true. Blank space with a single color can give the website a clean, positive feel. Keeping content up to date so viewers can see the new happenings with the company is always a plus. A final visual cue is to use a large image to draw visitor’s attention in the top part of the site. If the proportions of images on the page are just right, more people will praise you for your web design.

If you use these effective web design principles, your website will see increased traffic and visitors will spend longer periods of time on the site.

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