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5 Ways on How to Learn Web Design

5 Ways on How to Learn Web Design

If you are interested on how to learn web design and build websites, there are several ways on how you can improve your skills. There are plenty of resources online which could guide you in building and designing websites from scratch. With a lot of options at your helm, you may probably ask yourself what’s best for you. Well, we’ll try to rundown the various strategies used in teaching web development and discuss how you can discover which style suits you.

How to Learn Web Design


You can look for local business in your area that offer computer-based learning program. An instructor will be present to support you but you will go over the lessons depending on your pace. If ever you stumble upon difficult topics, you can re-learn at your rate. Before official examinations, you can take quizzes to gauge your growth.

What I like about computer guided learning is that you are learning information as you go. Your development is constantly checked to make sure you are really learning the material. Also, your effort is examined by a machine which will not intimidate you or hurt your feelings.

Learn the entire process of web development including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. There are no irritating setup procedures and each step of your work is checked. Simply, browse through a lesson plan then dive on headfirst into an on-screen station.

If you like a hands-on approach, you can’t go wrong with this kind of learning style. It doesn’t matter if you are a slow or fast learner. If you are the latter, it allows you to breeze through the material. Meanwhile, if you are the former, the computer wouldn’t mind if you keep giving the wrong answer.

The bottom line is that this method offers free and paid options. Budget-wise you wouldn’t have a problem and you could get started as soon as possible.


Do you want to take on an old-school approach? Well, there was a time when we go to the bookstore or library to learn something. Reading is a classic way to educate you in this modern world full of advanced technology. It may not be as interactive as the one above but it’s still an effective way.

Written materials are deeper compared to other methods. Books on web design and development usually contains thorough content as it cover aspect of the topic from end to end.

If you are not into reading a ream of book on the subject, you can try web design blogs which offer learning opportunities daily through compact blog posts. They will guide you from the start with your first line of code to more advanced topics.

The only disadvantage of reading is some might get bored easily. People nowadays tend to favor technology like multimedia. Try reading first a few blog posts and see if you could read the entire post without scanning and check if you did not get sleepy leafing through the next pages.

Personally, I was able to learn web design and development through the use of free instruction I found on the web. I did not have the budget back then so I looked for blogs and several online resources.


The value of formal education is high as it can give your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume for short, a lift especially when you are looking for a job.

Web design and development degrees can be found everywhere. Local schools in your area are probably offering courses. You can check online which schools provide the certificates and degrees. Normally, you could also see how much budget you would need to prepare.

Ask yourself if you should go back to school. It might depend on your age. If you just finished high school, then going the college and university route might be the most rewarding.

Thinking of returning to school? Well, if you’re all grown-up and have been a corporate slave for quite some time now, then it might be difficult to adjust again. Assuming you have not completed a formal degree, I would suggest getting one. If you do have a degree in other course, not web development, then, most likely, you could learn on your own. Clients and employers value experience more than formal education so you can try to dive into learning by yourself. Take some cheaper jobs to start off your calling and then move your way up via higher paying freelance works.

Some people learn better by themselves as they move at their own pace. Unfortunately, self-guided learning can be difficult. It’s easier when someone like a teacher is pushing you to learn.

In a formal class, you also have the ability to ask questions to your instructor. It is nice to know that you can have a back-and-forth conversation and help you when you needed it the most.

If you have the funds, performs well under duress, learn faster in a regulated setting, and loves the value of face-to-face teaching, school is a better way to learn web design.


Men are visual animals. Some do not have interest in words as they believe that picture/video is more entertaining. Design blogs are also probably saturated as compared to video based instruction.

Also, video products tend to be expensive. Usually, the approach use is to sell a subscription either per annum or per month. Users will shell out a fee monthly or yearly and will be allowed to access a huge chunk of video content.

Make sure to watch only instructors that are interesting to watch. Some teachers may sound monotonous all throughout the session which might bore you to death.

Some people can also retain information more often when they hear it as opposed to when they just read it. If this applies to you, then video course is probably your best bet. Just consider that video instruction will take up a lot of your time. A topic may be broken down into short duration (five to ten minutes) but if you want to cover every topic, you will most likely spend several hours.

If you have a quiet environment, videos are perfect to learn web design. Just make sure you ready your wallet as these resources will probably want to tie you up for subscription.


The combination of all or some of the methods already mentioned is possible to get the most out of your learning experience. Jumping between different learning styles may pique your interest more unlike than using a sole basis.

Your objective is to find which group of resources will eventually lead you to learn the most. There is nothing more frustrating than getting yourself to try again and again but at the end of the day, you are still stuck. Try to create a learning plan that is tailored to suit your personality.


Anyone can learn web development. Just find the learning style that’s right in your alley and your chances of succeeding improves considerably. Think about each of the approach mentioned above and see what will work for you.

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