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Work with a Trusted SEO Partner in Staten Island

Work With A Trusted SEO Partner in Staten Island

Optimize Your Website Ratings!

SEO is the convenient term for search engine optimization. Website owners use search engine optimization as the answer to their search rankings. However, many times this has become abused to the point where the articles with results were just because the titles are used, without the content. For instance, when you search for information on Google, do you want an article that has cleverly applied SEO titles throughout their page, or are you looking for quality, reliable content to fill your need? Below are a few ideas to promote your webpage without the SEO trick!

Get Results With Quality Content

In 2013 Google stopped providing data regarding keyword popularity. They found SEO was skewing the results in an unhelpful manner to users. Google refined their search algorithms, and instead of SEO titles they began looking for content. Google sets the search engine rankings, and now quality content not blogging SEO skills set the standard. The key is to have fresh content worth reading that caters to your consumer, giving them something they need.

Understand Your User

Google is interested in the user. As a viable company, you want to serve the needs of your consumer base. Building a site that knows your target base will increase your reliability and authority in that market. Forget about keyword stuffing and writing with SEO in mind. Provide content that is important and useful to your target visitor.

Utilize Social Media

With your blogs, include content from your own site and elsewhere as this will get your site bookmarked and passed around for months. You can also create content suited for inclusion in other blogger’s posts. Email bloggers who write about your topic and let them know about your site. This could possibly drive traffic to your site for months.

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