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Five Tools to Help You Test and Preview Your Newsletter

Five Tools to Help You Test and Preview Your Newsletter

At Staten Island Web Design, we believe that our job is not only to design a website. We are also responsible for doing everything in our power to make sure our customers succeed with their newly created website. Therefore, today we are sharing five tools to help you test and preview your newsletter.

Why You Need to Test and Preview Your Newsletter before sending it out

When utilizing email marketing as one of your marketing strategies you have to make sure that you preview the email yourself before sending it out to your audience. You have to make sure that the newsletter will be appealing regardless of the type of device that the recipient may be opening it from.

There are various types of email testing and rendering services available that have different features, sizes, and pricing plans. Therefore, it can be hard to know which ones to consider. Below are the best tools that have been picked by Staten Island Web Development.

Email on Acid

This tool makes email testing and analytics less complex. It stands out from competitors because it has a “spam test” feature, which allows you to see which emails go to the spam folder. They even feature a library full of tricks and tips.

Email on Acid allows you to try them out for seven days and then you are looking at paying $45+ per month.


Litmus is your key to making sure that your email looks beautiful everywhere. Its real time design allows it to be one of the best email previewing tools on the market. You can check the mobile version of your newsletter; perform a color blindness check and more. The best part is that with Litmus you can run link validation and optimize your email subject line to get the maximum amount of opens.

Litmus, like Email on Acid, provides potential customers with a seven-day free trial. After the trial is over you can expect to pay $79+ per month.

Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspector is available through MailChimp. This tool allows you to stay out of the spam by catching trigger words used that could potentially land you there. If you already use MailChimp to send out your newsletters this is one of the paid features that you will want to add to your existing plan.  The best part is you can customize your emails to go out for the appropriate time zones.

When signing up for Inbox Inspector you will spend approximately $3 per report.

Preview My Email

With Preview My Email, you can get real time screen shots of your newsletter on all of the popular email applications so you can see how your audience will see your message. This is one of the easiest tools to use and many users find it to be very useful when it comes to increasing their clicks.

Preview My Email has plans that start at $49 per month.

Email Reach (as of 2022 this service is no longer available)

Email Reach may be the only email testing solution that you need. With this tool, you can know the exact status of your email the moment it is sent. You can see if it is in the inbox, spam, or been rejected.

The first 24 hours are free and then you can expect to pay $125+ per month and an additional $39 signup fee.

Closing Thoughts

If you want your email marketing campaigns, to be a success you need to invest in some of the tools that we have discussed today. They will allow you to see what works for your audience so your business’s sales can skyrocket sooner rather than later.

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