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Insanely Actionable Tips to Make Your Tweets Go Viral

Insanely actionable tips to make your tweets go viral

Going viral on any social media site is the dream of any marketer. With the sea of media and content references thrown around on social media sites, it is really hard to stand out with what you have to share.  Twitter seems to be an ever-growing social media giant that is a major source of traffic to many websites across the globe. I have been experimenting with Twitter for so long and I’m listing down some of the strategies that would help you to make your tweets go viral.

Get content ideas

This is my personal favorite, you cannot make any tweet go viral just like that, it is essential that what you have to share is informative and updated. Additionally, it’s a bonus if you can figure out whether the topic that you are planning to share will be retweeted. So how do you achieve this? The solution is to watch your competitors closely, skim through their posts and list down the ones with more retweets. Take a detailed look at the popular posts and ask yourself how you can better them. One of the advantages with Twitter is that you can perform a search with the ‘hashtag’ to find the trending topics related to what you have in mind. For instance, if you would like to find the most shared topic on ‘WordPress’, you can perform a search using ‘#WordPress’. This gives you a great start.

Titles with call-to-action

Intriguing titles with a call-to-action is inevitable for procuring more exposure. Turning your title into a conglomerate of an ideal call to action and an element that generates curiosity is the secret to winning more shares and clicks. Titles akin to “Top 7 WordPress Tricks & Hacks. Click here to download a checklist” should do the trick. Asking people to retweet should never seem awkward, especially when you are sharing awesome content. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask people to retweet, but, do not do this with all your tweets.

Include multimedia

Posting links with no images or videos is an ideal means to bury your tweet in Twitter. Have you ever seen a tweet with no images, with tons of shares? If you have, those must be from famous people or celebrities. Now, you know how hard it is. Ensure that your tweet comes with an attractive and related image to your content, possibly with red, pink or red background color.

Be consistent and timely

Be consistent with your tweets and ensure that you are tweeting at the appropriate time. As per the statistics gleaned and agreed upon by social media professionals, the best time to tweet is between 2 PM to 11 PM. You can use online tools like Buffer or Tweriod to schedule your tweets at regular intervals. Believe me, if you tweet ten times in a minute, you are bound to loose followers.

Making your tweets go viral on twitter is not an easy task. Get these basics done, stick with the etiquettes and test and test until your find success.

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