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SI Shakespearean Theatre Company

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Project Details

Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company presents the works of Shakespeare, and other classical playwrights, in ‘site-specific’ locations, to provide an environmental theatrical experience. Dedicated to the cultural enrichment and education of the borough and beyond, SIST strives to illuminate the universal and lasting relevance of the classics for contemporary audiences.

Since 1975 the mission of Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre (SIST) is to bring high-quality Shakespearean, classical, and original theatre to the residents of Staten Island and to provide an artistic opportunity for the actors, directors, and designers who have chosen to make that community their home.

SIST needed a website that reflected their needs. They needed a central location that can serve multiple roles: a way to advertise auditions, shows and special events, a repository of past shows and events, a hub of information about the organization, a way for folks to donate and sponsor the SIST.

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SI Shakespearean Theatre Company


We worked with the team and put together a straightforward wireframe outlining the different goals of the SIST and how they could best be achieved. A wireframe is a process document that provides low-fidelity designed concepts for each individual page. We created “verticals,” or separate content pillars would reside. It began with a homepage that showcased visuals of performances, upcoming shows, the SIST, their latest social feeds, and more. Then separate sections of the website accessible from the menu for About the SIST, Press Releases, Past Shows, Membership and Corporate Signup and Listing. A later request was to add e-commerce for downloading of audiovisual materials of select performances, which became another way to raise money for the organization.

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