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Super Simple WordPress Servers

Super Simple WordPress Servers

Our very own Mat Gargano was a recent guest author featured on where he wrote up how to use Trellis from the Roots team to create, provision and spin up WordPress servers with ease.

We sat down and asked Mat to tell us why he posted this and give some insight.

My impetus for writing this article was to save someone else the thousands of hours that I spent trying to perfect server management in a way that made managing multiple clients’ sites streamlined.

I had tried writing a solution using bash scripts, ansible, ansible-galaxy; nothing seemed to get me a straight forward solution that did not require manual intervention. I consider finding Trellis and following it while it matured a bolt of serendipity as it accomplished what I was looking for and needed very little time to configure.

Check out the article and look forward to a video of me going over the process:

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