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Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas that You Should Try Right Now

Top 5 social media content ideas that you should try right now

Google’s suggestions to rank higher in search results is to create “high-quality content.” Understanding your users and creating quality content can be a godsend for any business of any size that is aiming to bolster its presence on the web. Quality content has the potential to go viral and using social media as the platform.

A problem is, as social media continues to mature you’ll encounter fiercer and tougher competition requiring you to develop content that will stand out: this is where developing unique content ideation can help you attract clicks. Compiled here are the top 5 social media content ideas that can help you to garner traffic and engagement — vital for conversion.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live video, while still nascent, has proven to be a strategy that boosts traffic and engagement. Savvy companies have already started utilizing the power of live video for spreading the brand stories, in addition to garnering an intimate relationship with potential customers and followers.

The fact that Facebook pushes these live videos in news feeds helps in procuring organic traffic boost. Follow these tips while planning Facebook live videos for your business:

  • Test your videos by making it “Only Me” in the privacy settings
  • Tailor each of your videos and ensure that you reintroduce yourself with each video
  • Try to build rapport with commentators via mentions and replying ASAP.
  • Request users to subscribe to live notifications


With myriads of content types posted on social media platforms in quick time, the attention spans of potential customers are pruned down. This is where an infographics can serve as the top social media content type. Infographics are characterized by information and graphics, which contributes to a higher comprehension rate. Creating an infographics requires research, statistics, designer skills and anticipation. Non-designers can use the following resources to create infographics:

Custom GIFs

GIFs are exciting and eye-pleasing. GIFs are probably one of the top media type’s ideal for catering information in quick time. Custom GIFs can help you to promote engagement and guide your customers in a unique manner. Find some of the awesome custom GIFs created by invision listed below:

Use the following tools to create custom GIFs:

Snapchat Stories

We performed an in-depth research into Snapchat engagement and the statistics that we procured were compelling. Millions of users are using this social media platform for at least an hour per day. With the amount of user database and usage rate, Snapchat should be an inevitable element in your social media content checklist. While creating custom Snapchat stores featuring your business, heed to the following tips:

  • Create snaps of event of competition that you participate in
  • Create title cards for lengthier stories
  • Review post analytics
  • Bolster engagement by responding ASAP

User Generated Content

User generated content can be an innovative strategy to bring in conversion without you having to sweat a lot for the cause. Craft an informative post, share it on social media and try to engage with your potential customers. The more comments or queries that you procure from these posts can be curated and optimized to make the post better. User generated content can help you to instill the feeling of trust, which is so critical for conversion.

The present day people crave variety and if you can tailor your social media content to blend in with any of the content types mentioned below, you are giving yourself a better opportunity to boost engagement and traffic, which is vital for taking your business to great heights.

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