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Find the Top Email Newsletter Templates for Your Next Campaign

Find the top email newsletter templates for your next campaign

About 90% of the big brands out there follow active email marketing campaigns to bring in potential leads. An active email marketing campaign, characterized by responsive email newsletter templates can do wonders for your business. Irrespective of the niche of focus, you are bound to face fierce competition with respect to email marketing campaigns. Literally transformed, your potential customers or subscribers have already subscribed to your competitors and edging out these competitors can be the biggest challenge. An ideal strategy to stay ahead of your competitors in terms of email marketing campaign is by testing with different email newsletter templates. Continue reading to find the websites that can cater top email newsletter templates for your next marketing campaign.


With an active community a whooping 1.33M designers, 99designs is one of the ideal place to start your hunt for responsive email newsletter templates. You are provided with the liberty to choose an email newsletter template from the showcase gallery or you can even tailor one with respect to your marketing idea, with full copyright. The team of designers will listen to your idea and offer professional insight on how to go improve it, prior to delivering the newsletter, which normally doesn’t take more than a week.


Themeforest earns a place in this list for the number and variety of email newsletter templates that it showcases. Apart from responsive email newsletter templates, ThemeForest also offers website templates, design templates, CMS templates, plug-ins and more. By featuring tons of email newsletters below $20, ThemeForest is a reasonably priced store to start digging in to find the right template for your next email marketing campaign.

Email on Acid Inc

Email acid Inc is one of the other top quality stores that offer responsive email newsletter templates for free. The website also provides you with the provision to create custom email newsletters from scratch or by editing the premade custom code snippets stored in their inventory. The task of organizing and testing each of the custom made emails can be done on the go.


TemplateMonster can turn out to be a godsend when it comes to finding quality email and newsletter templates at reasonable prices. The newsletter templates showcased in terms of categories makes it ideal for you to find templates related to your business. If that doesn’t help you to find what you are looking for, a 24/7 online personal assistance certainly will. TemplateMonster also holds several incredible responsive email newsletter templates below $15.

 Zurb Inc

Zurb Inc is all about letting your optimize for success. The website features several free responsive email newsletter templates for different niches. You can easily skim through the different premade templates showcased and even get a preview of how it blends into different screens. Additionally, Zurb Inc also gives you a list of email clients that the pertinent template supports.

Even though some of the marketing professionals believe that email marketing campaigns are frowned upon by customers, if what you have on store is legitimate and really useful to clients, it’s a win-win for both you and your customers.


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