WordPress Development

WordPress Development

WordPress powers over 33% of the internet.

Think about that. WordPress powers one in every three sites that you visit. WordPress’ market size is $143 billion, with a b! WordPress has 5 times the market adoption of content management systems than its closest competitor. With site builders like Squarespace and Wix provide value, they cannot hold a candle to the power that WordPress empowers its users to create powerful and gorgeous websites primed for Search Engine Optimization.

Why Does WordPress Power the Web?

WordPress is not a blog platform anymore. Back in 2006, here on Staten Island, we started using WordPress to power our blogs but were pioneers in recognizing the power that WordPress brought to website design and development. At its essence, it prides itself with the tagline that you can be up and running in seconds, championing its “famous 5 Minute WordPress Installation” process.

We quickly saw that WordPress could be used to manage more than just blog articles and could be used to do everything from creating gorgeous, dynamic landing pages, to e-commerce projects, to full-fledged web applications.

We at StatenWeb recognize that WordPress combines simplicity with enough horsepower to support the most prominent enterprises. WordPress is the Content Management System of choice for iconic brands, such as Facebook, New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Microsoft. It’s also the choice for hundreds and thousands of small businesses, e-commerce, and all kinds of web projects.

At StatenWeb, we offer complete solutions that help achieve your online goals. We use our years of expertise creating customized WordPress sites since 2006 and help provide solutions for full WordPress site builds, support plans along with update and maintenance packages.

Leverage our experience, having developed hundreds of custom WordPress themes and have launched hundreds of WordPress sites.

Plans we offer include:

WordPress Design & Development

We can provide you with enterprise-quality design and custom WordPress development. WordPress, by its nature, supports modern web functionality, including blazing fast, responsive web design, extensive search engine optimization, analytics, metrics, conversion optimization, email marketing, social media integration, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and enhanced web security.

WordPress Hosting, Maintenence and Updates

Have you built out your website and been satisfied with the results only to want to make a change and fear breaking things? Are you scared to update WordPress or plugins you have installed knowing that your site could go belly up, and you could be left wondering what to do next?

We have maintenance plans that think of and support everything that a small business could want, including:

  • Hosting
  • Sandbox environments to test updates
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Firewall
  • Automated Backups
  • Performance Tuning
  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme and Plugin updates
  • Security patching 
  • eCommerce Support
  • Dedicated ongoing development hours to do anything from moving text, entering content to building out new features, pages, or designs
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Unlimited technical support and customer support
  • Access to a dedicated developer’s cell phone

We support everyone from small mom-and-pop operations, to other agencies, to small-medium and even enterprise-sized businesses.

Contact us today to get started.