A list of top rated WordPress Plugins in 2017

A list of top rated WordPress Plugins in 2017

WordPress is one of the most popularly used content management systems in existence. This open source CMS, ideal for customizing blogging platforms is written in PHP. A WordPress website can be customized to user preferences with the help of plugins. Plugins are customized software bundles that comprise of several functions, which can be easily installed in a WordPress website. Today, there are thousands of WordPress plugins that can be used to satisfy different functionalities of WordPress websites. Under such a scenario, choosing the right WordPress plugin can be a hassle; this post lists some of the top rated WordPress plugins.

 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO WordPress is a godsend for developers/webmasters who wishes to keep their website optimized for Search Engine. This comprehensive SEO WordPress plugin offers pointers to optimize your content and webpage meta tags in addition to enabling you to integrate open graph metadata, publish XML sitemap and much more.


The WordPress WPForms is one of the top contact form plugins that is gaining popularity each day. This user-friendly WordPress plugin lets you customize your own contact pages using the embedded drag and drop feature and that too with few clicks. This plugin can be used to create different types of website forms ranging from contact to payment. The drag and drop feature bundled with the WPForms makes the task of adding and removing additional fields or rearranging them as easy as it can be.

iThemes Security

Formerly known as the Better WP Security plugin, the iThemes Security WordPress security plugin offers the WordPress webmasters with more than 30 ways to lock down the respective CMS. WordPress websites are often criticized for the lack of security mainly due to outdated plugins and software. The iThemes Security WordPress plugins play a crucial role in fixing most of the security holes and hindering automated attacks.

MailPoet Newsletters

MailPoet Newsletters WordPress plugin is an excellent plugin that bolsters your outbound marketing effort. As the name indicates, the MailPoet Newsletters plugin lets you create and send custom newsletters, emails, notifications, and autoresponders. This comprehensive plugin makes it really easy to add images and other media to your newsletter. The MailPoet Newsletters WordPress plugin can be the perfect alternative to MailChimp and other email marketing platforms.


If you are concerned about SEO ranking drop for not having a mobile responsive website, then WPTouch is your one stop solution. WPTouch is an excellent WordPress plugin that customizes your WordPress website for the mobile platform in the most efficient manner. The plugin can be used to integrate a mobile responsive theme to your website for the respective mobile visitors. The plugin comes with a detailed administration panel that lets you customize your website’s interface as required.

The WordPress plugin directory offers you a huge list of free and paid WordPress plugins. While all these plugins can make life easier for webmasters in customizing respective websites, it is essential to consider some factors prior to integrating any of these plugins to your website. Plugin vulnerabilities are one of the top factors that lead to WordPress hacks, this is why it is highly recommended to stick only with reputed WordPress plugins which a high star rating and a maximum number of users.