4 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

4 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Creating a perfect website for a business is much more than just picking the right pictures and domain name. As a web designer, you must be able to include practical information about the business while avoiding common mistakes that always plague sites. A clean and readable websites with easy navigation will keep visitors clicking through the content and returning for more. Here are the top 4 web design mistakes you should avoid:

Avoid Complicated Web Design

Don’t use every technical trick when designing your website. If your website does not load fast in the browser of a visitor, they might leave and never return. Choose the design elements that enhance your site and think of the user experience. The cleaner the website, the easier it is for a visitor to understand its purpose.

Avoid Fancy Fonts

You might be tempted to think that adding a few swirls or dots to your text can add flavor to your site. Fancy fonts make the text unreadable, and make visitors do an extra job to find out what your site is saying. Make the website easy to those who visit it with a simple, readable font. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time zooming in just to read your content.

Avoid Complex Navigation System

Try to make thing easy for your visitors. Lay out your website in a manner that even the most tech-illiterate people can find what they want with ease. Navigating your site should be trouble-free and intuitive. You need to design your website with single, simple menu with all navigation options clear as day. Long pages and huge blocks of text can send your website visitors away for good.

Avoid Playing Music in the Background Automatically

Most people, even if they like sound on websites, don’t like it to start automatically. They might be having their own music playing or in a place where sound from their computers is inappropriate or disturbing. Keep things simple and let the appearance of your website draw visitors in, not the sound.

What are your thoughts on our list of web design mistakes to avoid? If you want to avail of our web design service, simply contact us and let’s discuss your needs.