5 Reasons Why You Should Have Responsive Web Design

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Responsive Web Design

Demand for high-tech products like smartphones and tablets are continually increasing which means that having a mobile friendly website is important. It is essential because Internet users use mobile search more than the traditional desktop search.

If you have a business, you should think of investing in a mobile-friendly website. Why? Well, because more than 60 percent of users claim that they will most likely buy from a site with a responsive web design. Therefore, it is critical to your online marketing efforts. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider designing a responsive website.

  1. Endorsed by Google

Since Google has cornered the majority of search market share, you should pay attention to this tech giant. Google says that having a responsive web design is considered as a best practice in the industry. Also, they mentioned that it is actually advised for mobile configuration.

Regardless of device, responsive design websites only have one URL and has the same HTML coding. It allows Google to effectively crawl, organize and index your content. Compared to a separate mobile website which has a different HTML code and has a different URL, Google will then index and crawl another version of the same website.

  1. Growth of Mobile Usage

More than 20% of searches in Google are being done on a mobile device. In 2012 alone, over half of the local searches were accomplished on a mobile gadget. Also, in the US, ¼ of users are only able to access the internet on their mobile phones.

  1. One Website, Various Devices

This is probably the most interesting aspect of a website with responsive web design. It offers an excellent user experience as it does not matter what device you have or what size of your screen is. It is very important since you are not Nostradamus who can predict which devices and screen sizes users will use to visit your website. Also, responsive design means that it is designed based on screen resolution and not on a particular device. It just means that whenever someone is viewing your site, whatever the screen size is, it will show properly on the user’s device.

  1. Positive User Experience

If a mobile user visits your website and does not see what they are looking for or become frustrated, there’s a big chance that they will just leave your website and go to another one. Unfortunately, that may be your competitor. So, let the user have a positive experience on your site as he/she will most likely purchase your product or avail of your service.

  1. Ease of Use

If you have a separate mobile and desktop website, it will be harder to manage. So, having a responsive web design makes it easy for you to manage since you’ll only look out for one site. This is another key benefit of a responsive website.

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