What Should You Charge For WordPress Website Design Services?

What Should You Charge For WordPress Website Design Services?

If you have no idea on what to charge for web design services, read on how to put a price tag on your skills. If you have a business in Staten Island, New York, and do not know how much you would pay for website design, then this might help as well.

First, do not sell yourself cheap. Find the right balance where your value is not compromised. At the outset, it might not cost anything to design a website but your time is probably the most valuable thing as you can’t take it back.

Pricing for a webpage design may vary depending on where you look at it. Agencies, firms, and freelance designers may differ in rates. As a freelance web designer, you should consider increasing your rates as you are not an employee, your client needs you, and there is no long term commitment. Also, you might want to take into account these questions:

  1. Is the project big?
  2. Are you doing it for your family or your buddy?
  3. Are they a new client or old one?
  4. Can you manage this project alone?
  5. Are you fully committed to the project?

Further, you can also charge by the project and not think of charging by the hour. Why? Well, some of the clients want to know what they are paying for instead of the casual nature of time. You will never know exactly the number of hours a designer might put into the project so some customers would prefer getting billed per project.

How Much Would You Charge for Web Design Services?

For starters, a new business can get their website off the ground running without breaking the bank. First, domain name would cost about $10 annually. Second, web hosting could get you hooked for $10 per month. Lastly, a content management system like WordPress with a theme would be about $50. Initially, a few hundred dollars to start a business might be too good to be true. It might be fine at first but…

As soon as you get the past preliminary phases of your business, you may probably think that the theme you purchased may be limited in function. Some people would try to look for plugins, but eventually, their site may look and functions like another WordPress blog or website. If you want to stand out, you should probably contact a web designer for a unique design and a tad of web development.

Budgeting for web design may be hard at first. Make sure to list what you need.

  1. Is this new website from scratch or a just a redesign?

As a base price, you should set about $500 if you’re looking for a web designer to do your website from scratch. If it’s just a redesign, it might cost half of that.

  1. Do you need a content management system (blog)?

If you are familiar with a WordPress site, then you could just get a theme that will suit your business. If you want added functionality, you should add about $200 for installation.

  1. Do you already have pictures for your website or you need customized graphics?

Visuals can get expensive if you will use stock images. Assuming you will supply all of the graphics, you might budget about $200. Your website needs buttons and icons. Try to save around $300 for it.

  1. Do you plan to service customers who use mobile?

With the growth of mobile devices, designers are often asked to make their design responsive. This means that your website can be viewed properly whatever the device your client/customer is using whether they are checking your products on their smartphones, looking at your services on their desktop, and reading your blog on their tablets. Try to set aside $700 for this functionality.

  1. Do you want to implement multimedia functionality (video, Flash, etc.)?

Video and Flash may be hard to incorporate into a website. It might cost around $700 to have a simple video and Flash on your website.

  1. Do you already have content? If not, how much content do you need?

You can create most of the content if you want to save a few bucks. Some design firms may charge additional $100 to $300 if you want them to include a page of content depending on how much they will create.

  1. Do you have someone who will handle social media?

If you know how to manage social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, then you do not need to shell out $500.

  1. Does your website needs e-commerce functionality?

If you are selling products, shopping carts, payment processing and catalog might cost you $1000+.

  1. Do you have an in-house person who will handle SEO?

SEO for your website is more essential than ever. If you want your business to have exposure on the search engines, you need to allot $500 or so for page optimization, submission of your website to search engines, finding link opportunities, keyword research, etc.

  1. Who will maintain the website?

Websites need TLC (tender loving care) and a maintenance contract would let you do that. Set aside about $100/month to have a web designer available when an issue arises.

Bottom line, a basic website would cost about $1,000. A fully customized website with responsive design, multimedia features, full of content, extra functionality and maintenance would blow up the price up to $4,000. The budget would probably depend on your business needs. I hope this blog post will help you decide on how much you would charge (or pay) for web design services.

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