Innovative marketing ideas that you should definitely try out

Innovative marketing ideas that you should definitely try out

A successful marketing campaign is all about thinking from a potential customer’s perspective. As a professional marketer, it is imperative for you to understand the importance of placing customer concerns and aspirations, upfront. The competition, irrespective of the business niche, has been fierce and to rise from this competition as a top notch brand has been the dream of any marketing professional. The act of thinking outside the box is always an essentiality to turn the heads of potential customers. Let’s dig in to some of the clever marketing ideas used by successful brands across the globe.

Create a demo video

Majority of the marketers out there rely on detailed and long content to explain even the minor details about the pertinent products or services under the limelight. However, with shrinking attention span of the customers, are you really certain that customers would find time to read through that cluttered and long piece of content? I know what you are thinking, YES, a potential customer might find time to go through the long content, however, what about a customer who is just in the awareness stage of the buying cycle? This is where a video that features the advantages of your product or services can play a crucial role in pushing the respective customer from the awareness stage to the consideration or even the purchase stage. A compelling video can easily and precisely impart the features of your products and services and promise customer satisfaction.

Blog consistently

Blogging is an innovative way to update your content with evergreen and useful content, which, essentially, earns you a place in the any search engine’s, especially, Google’s good-book. Consistent blogging can easily outwit the traditional marketing strategies when it comes to increasing website traffic. Additionally, a journey from customer’s awareness stage to the consideration stage is dominated by research; therefore, if your website seems to be featuring updated content on a regular basis, a potential customer is bound to stick with you, when compared to your competitor, whose website is hardly updated.

Offer amazing content for an email id

Offering amazing content in the form of ebooks, guides, inforgraphics etc in return for an email id is an innovative means to garner leads. Websites like Sitepoint, prompts customers to signup to get access to excellent and detailed video tutorials and other content forms and has been doing it successfully. The trick here is to entice the customers by giving a peak into the amazing piece of content or video that you have in your inventory, conjugate the strategy with active social media promotions and the stage is set.

Be active on social media communities

Any potential customer would prefer to buy from an experienced and knowledgeable brand. This is why the showing off your expertise on social communities like Twitter, Facebook etc can turn the knobs in your favor. If you succeed in finding the customers with real concerns and solve their queries or doubts regarding products or services related to your niche, you are bound to convert leads to conversion.

Updating yourself with the latest news pertinent to your business is inevitable when it comes to hitting the right spots and bagging some customers. Earmark some time for the cause and take ample time to experiment and implement any idea that that you fell is innovative.