Innovative Social Media Campaigns: How to Stand Out from the Pack

Innovative Social Media Campaigns: How to Stand Out from the Pack

Content marketing is essential – and standing out from the competition is necessary to fuel successful content marketing campaigns.Connecting with your audience and telling a relatable narrative and interacting with your prospective demographic is imperative to being successful with social media campaigns. Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed some extraordinary social media campaigns from both small players all the way up to multinational conglomerates. Let’s take a look at some of these efforts – hopefully this will inspire your next viral success.

Domino’s Twitter Campaign – Domino’s Pizza

“Treat customers like king” is the success mantra that any business should follow and the #EasyOrder Twitter campaign from Domino’s redefined this all together. The brand made it really easy to order pizza for its customers by letting them accomplish this task by tweeting a pizza emoji or #EasyOrder hashtag along with their Twitter handle. This innovative strategy turned out to be a big hit and Dominos earned mentions in some of the big shot online and print media like Forbes and USA Today. The strategy even earned Dominos a Titanium Grand Prix Award at Cannes.

The takeaway: An eye popping 50% of Dominos’ orders came from digital channels, and 50% of those came via mobile devices. [source]

Biltwell, Inc’s Facebook campaign

Bitwell’s Fan Helmet Art is an interesting case study in social media campaigns. Biltwell leveraged biker’s penchant and love of cool helmet art to launch its Fan Helmet Art campaign portrayed some amazing art works performed on their helmets by fans.

The takeaway: The brand consistently posted the fan-shared helmet art by engaging fans and enormously expanding their reach in the process.

Helium Beer YouTube Campaign by The Boston Beer Company

Rhonda Kallman and Jim Koch, founder of The Boston Beer Company Inc, created an intriguing piece of video by leveraging a holiday. The humorous video turned out to be a YouTube hit. Craving for details? The video was all about the launch of their new beer: Helium beer and the holiday they took leverage off… literally (or was that figuratively?) was April fools day, now, you should definitely see this video.

The takeaway: With one million video views and counting, the Helium beer commercial earned the limelight in terms of engagement and brand exposure.

The ice bucket challenge by ALS Association

Now, who could forget the Ice Bucket Challenge that created a wave in ALL the social media platforms? The ALS community was the mastermind of this legendary piece of social media marketing campaign and the campaign turned out to be a massive hit with people, including celebrities, challenging their friends and colleagues vial social media to perform an intriguing and hilarious task.

The takeaway: over 17 million people took up this challenge and the ALS community increased their revenue by over 28x year over year between 2013 and 2014 to raise over $115 million to help eliminate the Lou Gehrig’s disease. [source]

Staying ahead of your competitors on social media is all about thinking innovative and being fearless to experiment. A successful social media campaign is all about involving your target and local audience, using information wisely and being consistent. Pool-in these factors to create something unique and informative to increase a much larger social reach.