Find Top Instagram Influencers, Close Deals & Grow Your Following

Find Top Instagram Influencers, Close Deals & Grow Your Following

Instagram is one among the top social media giants that most of the present day businesses, especially the big brands are banging on, to garner potential leads. With the fierceness of competition tagged with this social platform, a successful Instagram marketing campaign is often tricky, especially for small businesses.  Compiled here are list of top Instagram marketing strategies that are ideal for both big and small businesses to acquire followers, reach and improve the possibility of conversion.

Instagram Contests

One way of turning some heads on social media platforms is by keeping the customers on their toes. An ideal strategy to accomplish this is by hosting contests. Most of the big brands have already showed us, how hugely successful they have been in acquiring followers and garnering engagement via Instagram contests.  An example is the Mommy Page Instagram Photo Contest, Mommy Page is a community for Moms to share and get recipes, ideas, coupons etc. The contest hosted by this brand required Mothers to submit the best back to school outfit pictures of their kids. The prize was announced with @mention and it was a free coupon for a day at the spa. Over the years, the big brands have been successfully hosting contests like product selfie contests, in store click contests, recipe contests and caption contest.

Engage with Instagram influencers

Identifying the top Instagram influencers who belong to your niche of business and engaging with them is a really successful Instagram strategy. One way of garnering a partnership with any Instagram influencer by giving away your products to the respective individual for free and encouraging him to post a picture of him use your business product. This type of word- of-mouth, rather word-through-picture advertising can really do wonders for your business.

Join an Instagram Community

Instagram is a see of brands, you can easily find communities are formed around the products or services related to your business. Identify such communities and blend in with their etiquettes. Be an active member in this community, follow the commonly used hashtags within the community, host relevant contests, engage with the community influencers to get noted and eventually earn business.

Instagram Videos

People love stories, posting stories through pictures on Instagram was a trend; however, doing the same via video is the current fad. The dynamicity tagged with the Instagram video strategy is something that gives it the edge over the Instagram photo strategy. Studies have also stated that Instagram video engagement rate is far better than its counterpart. Create engaging Instagram videos by keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Think outside the box to incorporate unique story telling ideas
  • Optimize the video to be shared on the go
  • Feature the video from the customer’s perspective
  • Get professional help in creating awesome videos

 Try out Instagram ads

Instagram ads are another means to standout among your competitors. You can create amazing and luring Instagram ads using ad creation or power editor tools embedded with Facebook. It is ideal to try out different ads for your business and test each for engagement. It is imperative that you have a Facebook account to create and run an Instagram ads campaign. Integrate both the accounts via the business manager to kick start your Instagram advertising campaign.

Instagram marketing is something that requires anticipation, planning, review and ample time. Dedicate yourself to the task, spent some time, be an active observant of your competitors and the popular marketing strategies followed by big brands, to successfully take your business to great heights.