Top 6 qualities of a brilliant landing page (Plus a Bonus Tip)

Top 6 qualities of a brilliant landing page (Plus a Bonus Tip)

Landing pages can easily make or break your marketing campaigns. A brilliantly crafted landing page can boost conversions to a greater extent. This is why crafting an awesome landing page is considered to be the dream of any online marketing professional. There are some landing page best practices that should be considered when you wish to create landing page that converts. Compiled here is a list of qualities observed in the best landing pages.


With the attention span of people, declining with time, the headline of your landing page is so critical. In short, just cut the chase and get to the point, your landing page headline should mirror the offer on display, precisely and unambiguously. Keep the headline short and maintain it between 5-10 words.

What is in it for customer?

This is the prime example of putting yourself in customer’s shoes (which is imperative). Any potential customer would prefer to know about the benefits that he procures by signing up or purchasing the product on offer, rather than reading a big and cluttered offer description. Ensure that the customer benefits are ideally placed on the landing page and are highlighted in the best manner possible.


Formatting is a crucial landing page design strategy that is often underestimated.  The layout of your headlines, content, contact form and even the image is critical to landing page conversions. For instance, we just mentioned that customer benefits is the one of the important and imperative qualities of a good landing page and the ideal means to highlight customer benefits is via bullet points. Bullet-points are easy to skim through, provides a quick and clear picture of what the offer entails for the customer’s benefits.

Uncluttered design

Lots of factors contribute to a high quality landing page, therefore, designing one, can turn out to be an overwhelming task. Trying to include all these factors might leave your landing page cluttered, an alternative to this issue is A/B testing. Mix and match landing page characteristics and create two landing pages, analyze these pages based on conversion and choose the best one.

Social proof

Third party credibility is something that can grab the attention of any potential client. You can add testimonials from your previous clients or even case studies to your landing page to increase the conversion rate. Linking the landing page to posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc that are related to the offer is also a great way of instilling trust among potential customers.


Call-to-action is the precise means to informing what the customers are supposed to do to avail the respective offer; it can be a button that prompts them to submit an inquiry form, sing up or even to call. Ensure that the call-to-action is strategically placed on the page with consistent color and text. You can even test the landing pages with different call-to-action button sizes, placements, colors and texts.

Live support

This is the bonus point that can play a vital role if you fail to successfully incorporate any one or all the qualities of a good landing page, listed above. On some occasions, customers have further doubts and might need additional confirmation regarding the offer on display; this is where a live chat can be a godsend. Today, you can easily install a live chat with websites free of cost, however, while choosing one, ensure that it blends in with the page theme and the respective popup do not block any critical conversion elements on the landing page.

Creating a brilliant landing page is something that requires time and effort; foresee the critical factors by putting yourself in the shoes of a potential customer.  Ensure that the web page you craft, mirrors the above listed landing page etiquettes.