Part 1: Backlink Strategies That Work

Part 1: Backlink Strategies That Work

Google considers more than 200 signals when it comes to ranking websites and backlinks are one of the important signals among them. Backlinks are hyperlinks to a website from one or more other websites. High-quality backlinks can have a great impact on website search engine rankings. This is a technique of top software developers to gain a higher profile with search engines.

Backlinks are categorized into two: ‘Follow’ and ‘NoFollow’. While the Follow backlinks, pass link juice, which is so critical in influencing the search engine ranking, the NoFollow backlinks, pass nothing but traffic. NoFollow backlinks can be irrelevant in terms of search engine rankings, but they can have a major role to play in bringing potential traffic to websites. With all the savvy SEO professionals trying to build backlinks to their websites, building quality backlinks today can be a major challenge. The below-listed backlink building strategy is your best bet to take your website to new heights.

Scholarship Campaign Backlinks

Backlinks from .edu or .gov domains are the most influential, but hard to procure backlink types. University or government sites would not link to you unless and until you are a non-profit organization or you have something on offer, which is too good to resist. One of such offers is a scholarship campaign. Most of the university website feature a page that lists the available scholarship, get a list of such university websites and inform them about your scholarship.

Pro Tip: Perform a search with “inurl: .edu “scholarships”” on Google to find university websites with a scholarship listing page.

Create valuable infographics

Infographics are the new trend when it comes to catering information. The fact that infographics can mirror the important statistics quickly and efficiently is something that gives them an edge compared to lengthy piece of content. As per the statistics, infographics get twice the amount of shares when compared to the “How to” posts. Perform a detailed research and procure the right statistics to create detailed infographics and share it via at least three social media networks and other infographics sharing websites to build some quality backlinks. You can submit your infographics to the following websites:

Broken link building method

Broken link building is one of the most effective link building methods that works like a charm. If you think about it, broken links can be annoying to both the readers and the respective webmasters. As a webmaster who is looking to earn some backlinks, broken links in other websites related to your niche can open a gold mine of link building opportunities for you. You can use the chrome plug-in: Check My Links to find broken links on other websites.

Once you have gleaned a list of broken links on other websites, you need to ensure that your website has a page that satisfies the broken link placement on the other website. You can even go the extent of creating a page on your website just to satisfy broken link requirement on the other website. The next step is to craft an email to inform the webmasters about the broken link on the respective website and the alternative page on your website that can be utilized.

The key aspect of being successful with back link building is to perform a detailed research. Invest ample amount of time to ensure that the backlinks that you earn are from relevant websites. It is also important to back your efforts with lots of patience and hard work.