These Are The Top Content Marketing Tools We Use Everyday

These Are The Top Content Marketing Tools We Use Everyday

Content marketing is the cornerstone of most of the online marketing campaigns. As a content marketing strategist, it is imperative for you to understand the importance of fresh and unique content for maintaining engagement and garnering potential leads. Keeping the subscribers and potential customers, in the loop, would be the dream of any content marketing strategist. As a content marketing strategist, it is essential for you to have hands-on experience with some critical content marketing tools. Compiled here is a list of content marketing tools that would make your task as a content marketing strategist much easier.

Trello: Trello is a free content marketing tools that acts as a workplace for content streamlining, collaboration and idea creation. The tool lets you organize your content ideas into cards, you have the option to collaborate with your content marketing team and get votes on the preferred content idea.

Grammarly: Grammarly is a free tool that can be a godsend to writers. The tool, which is available as a browser extension helps you to sniff out typos and other grammatical errors within your article. Once you have completed your article, just run it through Grammarly and get real-time feedbacks and get everything in line.

Hemingway Editor: Do you often end up structuring some complex sentences while you write? Hemingway Editor is the ideal solution to turn to. The editor identifies the complex sentences in your article and suggests simple alternatives. Additionally, the tool is also smart enough to suggest reducing the overuse of active voice, adverbs etc.

Power Thesaurus: If you wish to give your content a professional touch, then this is the perfect content marketing tool for you. It’s as simple as typing in a word and clicking the search button, the very next second, you have a list of ideal synonymous to choose from.

Cliché Finder: getting rid off cliché is always a thorny task. As writers, we know how annoying clichés can be. The Cliché Finder lets you eliminate clichés from your article on the go. This content tool can easily help you to improve the quality of your article by helping you to identify and eliminate all the buzz words, anarchronisms etc.

Canva: Canva is one of the comprehensive content marketing graphic tools preferred by most of the present day content marketers.  The tool lets you create graphics that can blend with any content type and website. You can create different types of images and infographics to be shared on the popular social media platforms.

GoAnimate: create the most compelling and professional animated videos using GoAnimated. The tool panel helps you tell your story in the most realistic way by offering several features and templates. This video tool is literally a time saving tool that will help you to present the most complex ideas in the simplest manner.

Engageform: one of the ideal tools to create engaging content. This content marketing tool literally lets you create engaging content in the form of polls, surveys, contests etc while also allowing you to design a customer funnel. Literally transformed, you can easily engage the audience and point them to specific pages or portions in your website, thereby increasing the probability of lead generation. A tool to optimize the images created to make them align with the dimension requirements necessary for publishing. You can use the tool to optimize your images to be used in PDF’s, e-books etc.

“The idea is to work smart, not hard”: as a content strategist, the content marketing tools listed above will definitely help you to achieve this goal.