Search Engine Ranking Factors & Criteria

Search Engine Ranking Factors & Criteria

Google has taken the concept of SEO to a whole new level with the launch of the latest search algorithm: Penguin 4.0. Garry Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google, on September announced the launch of Penguin 4.0 via the Webmaster Central Blog. Penguin 4.0, nicknamed as the real time algorithm is a real innovation. The crawling and indexing with the latest version of penguin is really smart and quick. After a detailed analysis of Penguin 4.0, we are trying to outline the search engine factors to look for today.

Web Content & Search Engines

I know that you have already guessed it, but I’m sorry to say that content stays and will stay evergreen in the Google’s list of search engine ranking factors, even today. If you trace back to the Penguin 4.0 specialties, the algorithm is crafted to index changes to websites, especially content in real-time or irrespective of a manual refresh. Additionally, the RankBrain AI algorithm and the 600 plus tweaks made by the Google to search algorithms each year are mainly channelized towards creating awareness and compelling marketers to think smart when it comes the creating content for their websites and optimizing it.

Mobile Responsiveness

Google had already tightened its grip around websites that are not mobile responsive way back in 2015 by rolling out a mobile friendly update. However, the mother-of-all-search-engines struck back again by rolling out a mobile friendly update 2 in 2016; such a measure taken by Google indicates how determined and serious Google is about making everything on the web mobile friendly.  Google’s emphasis on mobile responsiveness is one of the reasons that got mobile sites with annoying pop-up ads and notifications to get blown off from the top positions in SERPs.

User Experience

The first rule that Google wants all the webmasters to follow is to develop websites for users and not for search engines. Google is expected to take severe actions to ensure the same quality ranking singals by rolling out more detailed update that emphasis on user experience etiquettes. The current day Google search algorithms are smart enough to identify the hindrance factors to optimum user experience in any landing page of websites. It is crucial to think outside the box when it comes to ensuring optimum user experience to your visitors because Google is certain to roll out a more stringent rule about the same.

Link building

Backlinks are pointers to a website that can always break or make it. Google has been taking severe actions against spammy backlinks, starting from 2013, reports states that Google has received millions of disavow requests. This is something that indicates the Google’s plan to stay strong with its perspective towards link building etiquettes.  Backlink building via any shady strategies like link farming, link baiting etc hardly works these days, on the contrary, they can have an adverse affect on your website ranking and that too in quick time with the increased efficiency of Penguin 4.0 when it comes to crawling and indexing.

It is highly doubted that Google will sweep us off our feet by introducing a totally new search engine ranking factor(s) after medic and other core updates. The search giant is definitely going to tighten its grip and introduce new stringent rules around the algorithms or restrictions that are already in place. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended that you foresee the search engine etiquettes, act smart and quick and to stay out of anything that seems shady or can be considered as a shady practice in the near future.