Part 1: These Are The Best Social Media Management Tools

Part 1: These Are The Best Social Media Management Tools

Social media has become the soul and shadow of businesses. The concept of social media has revolutionized the way businesses promote their products and services. Today, you can hardly find a business that doesn’t have a verified account in any of the top social media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

On the brighter side, Social media offers endless opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services for free, but there is a dark side to this, which seems to get darker with time. Yes, the competition on social media, which is getting fiercer each day, is something that makes it really hard to churn success from these opportunity-ridden platforms. With such completion, planning and maintaining super active social media campaigns is inevitable. Here is a list of tools that will help you to make the humongous task of managing your business social media accounts less overwhelming.

Social Media Management Tools List


Buffer lets you share your content at the best timings throughout the day. Such a tool is really effective when your business is global. The tool lets you integrate multiple social media accounts and post throughout the day or at ideal timings.


Hootsuite is another social media management tool that assists you in creating content for social media, in addition to letting you to schedule post and analyze the effectiveness of each. and and are URL shortening tools that let you optimize links to a simple form. Furthermore, you can also get a detailed report on the link clicks, geography etc pertinent to these optimized links.  You need a Google account to start using the and the tool also provides you an analytics report based on the number of clicks and the respective geography from where those clicks generated. is another popularly used URL shortening service trusted by nearly a billion users. In addition to providing click analytics and audience insight, the tool also lets you customize your links.

Oktopost: Oktopost is a complete social media management tool with some advanced features that can be used to churn money from your social media marketing campaigns. In addition to social management, the tool offers features to curate content, bolster engagement, social analytics, and publishing.

Tweepi:  Tweepi is a Twitter management tool that is mainly designed to manage your Twitter followers. The tool ideally enables you to identify relevant users on Twitter and engage with the potential followers.

Socedo: Socedo is a lead generation tool designed for Twitter and LinkedIn. The tool automatically identifies and notifies you about the potential prospects on these social media platforms that satisfy all the qualities of your ideal buyer persona. The tool then lets you add these potential prospects to a sales funnel and craft customizable workflows to keep them engaged and eventually push them through to the decision stage.

Social media is getting noisier each day, to shout better, you might have to use top social media management tools. Most of the above-listed tools have a paid version, it would be ideal to experiment with at least a couple of these tools, if not all and try out the paid version of at least one for better results.