Five eBooks that will Teach Computer Programming

Five eBooks that will Teach Computer Programming

We live in an age of information. It’s never been easier to learn how to code. Through using the right learning resources, and a whole lot of practice, you can become proficient at coding just about anything. With so many resources, it’s difficult to choose the right ones. Therefore, here at Staten Island Web Design, we have found the top five eBooks that will teach you computer programming.

  1. Learn Python the Hard Way – Zed A. Shaw

Python’s elegancy lies in its simplicity and practicality. This makes it a common choice for first-time coding adventurers. Before you jump into this wild world, we recommend learning how to code using the Python language. It’s an ideal learning tool for someone looking to learn the nuances of coding.


Furthermore, Python has a practical benefit. The release of the Django framework has meant Python has rocketed in popularity amongst websites.


  1. Learn Python in One Day – Jamie Chan

Okay, maybe you won’t be able to learn the language in a single day. What you will find is Chan offering a range of worked examples in this relatively short read. We have added it to this list because we believe students learn better by doing.
At the end of this book, Chan offers a comprehensive Python-based project to test the skills you have just learned. We would recommend this to anyone who’s already working within the programming industry or is just getting started at home in his or her spare time.


  1. A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript – Mark Myers

One problem with many of the instructional books on the market today is they overwhelm the user with information. The absolute beginner can’t take in the fundamentals of Javascript when it’s catapulted at them in just a few pages.


Myers turns this on its head through a series of compartmentalized lessons that impart small pieces of easily digestible information. There is even a free website where you can test your skills.


  1. C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide – Greg Perry and Dean Miller

C is one of the core languages any young coder should learn. Perry and Miller’s book will teach you all you need to know about creating powerful programs with this innovative language. It is an ideal launching pad for learning other languages, as most of the same principles apply.


Make sure you pick up the latest edition of this book, as there are currently a number of alternative editions on the market.


  1. Learn Ruby: The Beginner Guide – Jake Day Williams

Ruby makes this list as an essential language to learn because of its simplicity. That is why so many people favor it. Made in the 90s, it is one of the youngest languages around and cuts away many of the commands found in many of the languages on this list.


Williams will teach you how to use Ruby, using links to the instructional videos he has produced himself. This gives visual and auditory learners an additional option when trying to pick up this simple language. You do not have to use these videos, but we would highly recommend it to enhance your learning.


The Importance of Reading


A good old-fashioned textbook will serve you far better than attempting to pick things up as you go along. It can all feel so overwhelming in the beginning. These books concentrate on different areas of coding. We have chosen them because they suit both the beginner and the novice. Even the masters can learn a thing or two from these authors.


While they will never complete your education, they offer a solid foundation in which you can build off. Start reading today!